hey how about an rp in the tags that actually looks interesting

Do you know places to hold events outside of tumblr?


Personally I use chatzy because it’s very reliable and very easy to use. The only downside is that it only allows 10 people inside of it. I think Skype would be a great platform for events but people need to download it. 



Here are some colorful gradients that I’ve been meaning to release for a while. Do not distribute in bio PSDs without asking, do not claim as your own, do not redistribute. Download here

hey how about a horror rp that isnt a fuckin zombie apocalypse rp


756.psd by sistaroundpsds || coloring ||  So cool psds for you.  → download
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hey can i just have a good fucking group of rph friends who actually like role playing and will join/start one with me that actually gets to open because people see enough taken characters to not fucking blow it off the second they see it

anyways is there anything i can do for anyone today


Dad keeps feeding my dog chips and making her sick. I ask him to stop and he refuses to believe it’s the chips. He’s teaching her bad habits and making her ill but oh no, god forbid you stop doing something stupid on the off chance that it improves her health.

my dad literally feeds my dog alcohol soaked ice cubes like??? come on

City Council File #15473
//The Undertaker

Ebenezer Cairo is henceforth to be tasked with the job of sole proprietor of the Cairo & Co. Funeral Home following the death of his father, Alfred Cairo. He must adhere to the strict code of ethics surrounding the embalming and handling of deceased citizens of Mortuaria and surrounding towns as well as the ethical treatment of reapers and all others seeking asylum.

Reward Upon AcceptanceA lovely muffin basket. 
Penalty of DisobedienceDeath.

The city thanks you for your cooperation.

Cynthia Newsworth, Mayor

The town of Mortuaria seems placid on the outer surface, but only the citizens of this strange village know the true goings-on. The ley lines of the surrounding countryside all converge underneath Cairo & Co, the local funeral home, making it a beacon to everything and anything involving death. Reapers, necromancers, zombies, ghosts, all seem to be welcome on Ebenezer Cairo’s doorstep. There’s a yeti hiding in the freezer at the local market, the school is run by an immortal elf, and a coven of witches down the lane have taken to snatching small children at increasingly inconvenient intervals.

All in a day’s work. Welcome to Mortuaria.


hey guess what

i still don’t fuckin do shoutouts